About Me

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My Philosophy

Today’s organizational challenges are not going to be solved by yesterday’s solutions.

My Mission

Helping people to see the world differently through non-traditional methods (basic drawing for example). That is key to creativity, innovation, and organizational success.  That is my mission, to give people the tools to start them on that journey.

My Approach

I design learning and organization development solutions that are effective and affordable based on over 25 years of experience working with global organizations.

My approach to work and life is simple and transparent.  My goal is to give your organization an incredible experience that brings value, results, and lasting positive change.

My Value Proposition:  Credibility

I’m a consultant that comes with real-world experience. I have worked on the “front lines.”  I have led teams large and small.  I have mentored, hired, and helped people transition out of an organization.

I understand the challenges of organizational life.  I have worked with cultures around the world, and understand multi-generational challenges in the workplace.

My Background

For the past twenty years I have been traveling the globe helping major international airlines, telecommunications, software and services, and travel technology organizations design their “people” strategies through learning and organization development, brand engagement, and customer experience solutions.  My approach is holistic, engaging, interactive,  fun, and definitely challenges the status-quo.

My Credentials

I have a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organization Development, a Consultant Certification in Branded Customer Service, and a professional certification in Integrative Nutrition.


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